Movie Lovers

inD Theater is a new streaming/VOD platform.  We are rethinking the way we consume media entertainment by reaching for new technologies while embracing what we love about the cinemas.  We are all about connecting you to the movies and entertainment you love.


inD Theater isn't just a place for entertainment, it is an experience.


We are “The Internet's Drive-In.”



inD Theater is actively seeking filmmakers with shorts, features and episodic content or companies with a library of work to be included in our library.  inD Theater’s goal is to have a transparent distribution platform for filmmakers with generous revenue sharing through our subscription based model as well as TVOD sales.  Non-exclusive content at a 70/30 split and exclusive content at 90/10 split.*


*Profit splits are subject to change before or after launch.

inD Theater was started out of two frustrations:


1) Watching the decline of the movie going experience is heartbreaking for those who love the cinemas.  Prices continued to increase and the bar of entry appears to be rising to only include $100mil+ budget Blockbusters usually including a superhero and almost everything else is getting pushed to V.O.D or festival only releases.  One of the goals of inD Theater is to bridge the gap between the movie going experience and the convenience of VOD creating a new way for us to engage and consume our entertainment.


2) Most independent filmmakers rarely ever see a return on their projects while they see their distributors buying new buildings, investing in bigger budget films and taking home a steady salary it leaves them to wonder where all that money is coming from and even going.  When some simple budgeting magic can make a profit look like a loss it gets very frustrating for filmmakers and very unsustainable. 


Providing transparency in our distribution sales and being generous to the Filmmakers is a major focus of inD Theater.  You do all the hard work anyway, right?  At inD Theater we want to provide a place for quality films to be seen, help to turn a profit for the filmmakers and eventually be funding projects.  Our goal is sustainability for the filmmakers in a way not seen by the industry before.  One way we hope to help filmmakers create premium indie content is by offering training at all levels, from Micro-Budget to 1mil+ budgets that would include everything from story concepts & financing to production & post.